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Building brand-awareness and executing the marketing plan for novel therapeutic modalities

Client description

World-class US CDMO specialized in the synthesis and scale-up of nucleic acids, NTPs and mRNA capping analogs for therapeutic, vaccine, diagnostic, and biopharmaceutical companies.


The company had experienced very strong growth over the last two years, fueled by COVID-19. To support expansion in Europe, the company recruited a sales team and hired Novoptim to manage the execution of the marketing plan in Europe.


Novoptim collaborated closely with the global marketing team to prepare the European marketing plan with the objective to increase revenue and raise awareness. A set of marketing channels was activated through third-party paid media, social media, nurture strategies and the implementation of a marketing automation tool. A VOC initiative enabled the mapping of the European customer journey and personas.


Novoptim executed 5 strategic programs over 12 months and organized participation in 6 conferences, 6 lunch&Learns, and 4 roadshows and coordinated the activities with the distributors.
The activities resulted in the expansion of the commercial pipeline with more than 1000 qualified leads.